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Heal at Home With Physical, Occupational, and Speech In-Home Therapy Services From Comfort Health in Rochester, MN

Breaking a leg or arm, needing a hip replacement, or being hospitalized for a medical illness can all take a toll on a body. Unless you’re very young and spry, chances are high that you may require physical or occupational therapy after such a life-changing event. Studies show that most individuals, particularly the elderly, prefer […]

Live a Normal Life in the Comfort of Your Own Home with In-Home Therapy Services through Comfort Health in Rochester, MN

Finding yourself in need of in-home therapy services and don’t know where to turn? Perhaps you have an aging parent who recently suffered a stroke and needs occupational or physical therapy, or a child with medical issues needing speech or physical therapy. Look no further than Comfort Health in Rochester, MN. Live a normal life […]

Benefits of Assisted Home Care with Anticoagulation Therapy in Rochester, MN

Soon after new medical treatments are developed, there is action to create methods of at-home treatments. For example, while natural anticoagulants have been used for centuries, new treatments and medications were introduced from the early 2000s up until now. In response, at-home treatments and testing grew in accuracy and use. However, no matter how accurate […]

Maintaining Independence with Age through Occupational Therapy in Rochester, MN

There comes a time in any adult’s life when they begin to feel uncomfortable with living at the level of independence they’ve had for years. Feeling uneasy with your current living situation and ability to function independently in everyday life is a normal symptom of many different situations, including aging, injury, illness, and more. At […]

Turn to Us for Therapy Services in Rochester, MN

Comfort Health provides Rochester, MN home health care, therapy services, and more! If you or a loved one needs exceptional therapy, whether it be occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy, Comfort Health’s well-trained and highly educated therapists can help. Our therapists work lovingly and compassionately with individuals who are emotionally, developmentally, mentally, physically or socially […]