Caregiver Training and Screening


At Comfort Health we have stringent hiring standards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your loved ones. After filling out an application and before being granted an interview, potential employees must pass a written skills test that determines their competence with hands-on cares. If the applicant passes the written test, they are required to take and pass our web-based aptitude screening. Only after both the skills and the integrity and aptitude tests are completed and passed is the potential employee interviewed.

Interviews are performed by members of our specially trained Human Resources Department. Each candidate is thoroughly examined for their level of clinical competence, caring personality, and their fit within our organization. Personal and professional references are checked by Comfort Health staff and Federal background checks and drug tests are performed by independent, outside sources.


Upon hire, our home health aides and nursing staff being rigorous training, which includes 16 hours of classroom orientation that is conducted by our Human Resources Department. During that time, they review all aspects of home care, including:

Home Care Bill of Rights


Alzheimer's and Dementia Training

Medication Administration Training

OSHA and Safety Training

Risk Reduction

Care Skills for Activities of Daily Living

Our home health aides receive an additional 40 hours of practical, hands-on training by a Registered Nurse as well as clinical time spent orienting to direct client care. All home health aides must be checked off by a Registered Nurse with hands-on cares before they are able to care for clients independently.

On-going supervision:

Each Comfort Health staff member receives annual and periodic evaluations by their direct supervisor, which reviews the quality and consistency of their work. Twelve hours or more of on-going education per year is required to continue to provide client cares. Additionally, a registered nurse ensures that the cares provided by the home health aide are sufficient to meet the client’s needs at least every two weeks.