Client Stories and Testimonials

client stories, healthcare provider, rochester mnTrusted by area families since 1982, Comfort Home Health Care has been providing assistance in the homes of the Rochester MN and Southeastern, MN area.

One Simple Question… ”Would you recommend us to a friend?” We regularly send brief surveys to each client. The surveys ask clients’ opinions on a variety of topics. While we ask a number of questions, perhaps the most important question is whether they would recommend us to the folks that they care about. In our most recent survey, 100% of clients would recommend us to others. Some of the comments from that same survey…

Our Testimonials Include:

“I couldn’t ask for better nurses” — C.I.

“J. is receiving the best care she has ever received….she is thriving” —D.C

“Your home care has exceeded my expectations….your staff has contributed greatly to my recovery” — K.K.

“Daniel (one of our RNs) is fantastic…..Extremely professional” — Anonymous

“We needed this temporarily but we would definitely ask your help again and recommend it to friends” — D.M.

Patient Stories:

Comfort Health exceeded my hopes and expectations in providing care for my mother. Mom had many health care needs that proved too challenging for some providers. Also, she could not find her words to communicate verbally, but she communicated very well by expressions! The staff treated her with respect, maintaining her dignity and giving her the best quality of life possible. She was always clean and well-groomed including make-up and nail polish, which I know pleased her. Her doctor commented on the good condition of her skin. She loved to laugh and they took the time to visit and laugh with her. Even though she couldn’t speak, it was very clear that she was content.

Daughter of a Client