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Comfort Health has professional and experienced employees.  Join our team in Rochester, MN.Comfort Health care offers a diverse work environment with a high level of independence. Opportunities to further your career and develop your leadership abilities are plentiful if you have the drive to pursue them.

Our unique staffing options can easily accommodate many schedules including those of students or individuals with second jobs.

We have community-based hourly visits, community-based extended hour shifts and assisted living shifts for both home health aides and nurses. Please see our current job openings {link to job opportunities}



"Just as Comfort Health individualizes care for their patients, they also individualize work opportunities for their employees in way that allows employees to meet personal and professional goals.I have been able to continue my education and advance my career simultaneously while working for Comfort." [More]

Chelsi, Registered Nurse
Employed by Comfort Health since 2007




"Through my opportunities and experiences at Comfort Health, I was able to develop my professional style and gain a better understanding of my business strengths. I have had the privilege to work with an outstanding team of individuals in a very dynamic and lean office setting. "  [More]

Andrea, Administrative Assistant
Employed by Comfort Health since 2009




"At Comfort Health I am provided with a plethora of opportunities and experiences, and while independent and creative thinking is highly encouraged, someone is always available to help you learn and develop your skills further." [More]

Lydia, Registered Nurse
Employed by Comfort Health since 2011



"Comfort Health has been such a wonderful experience for me both professionally and personally. Through them, I was able to work in a variety of health care settings, such as home care and assisted living facilities." [More]

Cassandra, Registered Nurse
Employed by Comfort Health from 2007 thru 2011


Comfort Health provides equal opportunity employment.  Job applications and online job requests are available.  Join our team in Rochester, MN Minnesota.  Help us with our assisted living, therapy, skilled nursing, cardiac care, wound care, respiratory care, wellness, travel, home health aides, infusion therapy, and diabetes management.