Assisted Living Healthcare Services in Rochester, MN

Assisted Living Services by Comfort Health in Rochester MNSeniors today are very active and seek to maintain their well-rounded lifestyle while receiving personal assistance. Assisted Livings can balance the desire for full and enriched lives with the need for assistance with activities of daily living. Compared to nursing homes, assisted livings are a relatively new concept; however, their popularity has grown exponentially in the past ten years due to their unique outlook on senior living. In an assisted living, there is a collaborative effort between resident, family, assisted living facility staff and physician to determine plan of care. The resident and their family are the primary drivers of their healthcare and can choose to utilize as many or as few of the services that are available.

Assisted Living Facilities offer a three tiered approach to services for their residents. The first is the housing component, which offers apartments that are available to lease, typically on a monthly basis. Second, there are supportive services offered by the facility. These services can include, but are not limited to, laundry assistance, meal preparation, beautician services, activities and programing, a secured building entrance, and availability of parking. The third and final component of assisted living facilities is the availability of healthcare assistance on premise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is required that the on-site healthcare provides the resident with access to an emergency call system and that staff be present at all times to respond to emergency calls. Home Health Aides or Universal Workers are staffed around the clock to provide scheduled and unscheduled services for the residents. A Registered Nurse or Licensed Nurse Practitioner are available, usually only during daytime hours, for scheduled and unscheduled nursing services and to oversee on-site staff. When a nurse is not physically on-site there will be a Registered Nurse who is available via phone for healthcare triage and staff guidance.

Comfort Health is contracted to provide on-site healthcare to several assisted living facilities in Rochester and the surrounding areas. We also provide scheduled nursing and home health aide cares to all of the local assisted living facilities to complement their existing services.


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